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Please read this agreement carefully.

  1. (1) By accepting receipt of this software program, you agree to adhere to all terms herein.
  2.  Random returns will not be accepted. Refunds will not be issued without prior approval of the return. See Refund & Return Policies
  3.  It is an industry standard that software programs are not refunded. For this purpose, we provide a demo version of our software for previewing before purchase. We feel the demo version offers enough features and capabilities for the potential buyer to determine if it will suit his/her needs. All software downloaded from our website arrives in demo version and will be converted to full version only upon payment in full. For this reason, we will not refund returned packages nor downloaded programs, once conversion codes have been provided.
  4.  HorseTrak only maintains the latest release of the software available for download.  It is the responsibility of the Licensee to download and retain a secure copy of the software installation program for purposes of re-installing. Licensees under a current maintenance program will always be provided the latest edition.
  5. We do not replace outdated versions with current versions.
  6.  We do not program any so-called 'bug' or expiration features in purchased software that would cause it to malfunction or stop running after a predetermined time. If any version of our software, no matter how old, reverts to demonstration mode, it will have happened due to a change in the user's operating system, a power surge, or the software being reinstalled.
  7. We are not responsible for providing updated copies of the software should your operating system change.  The software industry changes constantly and rapidly.  We recommend purchasing a maintenance program to keep up to date.
  8.  We offer discounted upgrades to replace versions that are no longer compatible with your operating system. We also officer Maintenance Agreements that provide all updates needed.
  9.  This software is specially coded with your name, a program specific serial number and activation code. Under copyright laws, you agree not to make copies of the software or any of the related material for anyone. It is against the law to make illegal copies. We will uphold and enforce our legal rights with regards to copyright infringements.(You may make a backup copy for yourself for safekeeping.)
  10.  We are not responsible for the loss of data files or system failures. Nor are we responsible for any tort, indirect, special or consequential damages such as loss of profits, goodwill, etc. Some states don't allow these limitations, in such cases, our liabilities shall be limited to a refund of the list or purchase price (whichever is less).
  11.  We reserve the right to change prices, discontinue products, end sales promotions, and alter policies at our own descretion and without prior notice.


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