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I purchased in 2002 and tried to activate my program with the PASSCODE from the package and it doesn't work!

Is my version of HorseTrak still supported?  Depends.  Follow the link to see versions no longer supported.

Do I qualify for a free upgrade?

I had to reinstall/download my program again and now my activation code won't work!!

Where's my user's manual?

Shucks! I recently purchased HT Business and realized I needed a higher version program. Can I upgrade without paying full price? Yes, there are discount prices available for past and recent users. Click here

How come I haven't received my activation code yet?

How do I import my old version data to my new upgrade?

Is my new version compatible with my Windows system? Is it compatible with Mac?

I bought one of your programs about 10 years ago. Do I have to pay full price for an upgrade?

What's the difference between HT Business and HT Gold?

I've been a customer for years and I'm never kept informed on your products!

I have a problem and support has asked me to send them my data.  How do I do that?

I have a problem on a specific window and support wants to know which window I'm referring to.....

How do I setup an email account for sending statements?

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