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In addition to this refund policy, we have a license agreement that can be viewed in detail by Clicking Here.

The long and short of it is this: Once you have requested an activation code to convert your program to full version, you have completed the final stage of a nonrefundable purchase.

Why is your purchase non-refundable?

Our demo software is available via download FREE of charge for the asking!

You can download our demos any time and work with any level of the programs without expiration. Therefore, you have all the time you want to see which program will best suit your needs before you spend any money. Almost all features are available to preview and/or insert data to see how the various levels will work for you. When you decide to purchase one of our programs, we are assuming you are making an informed decision by reading all information about our products and services and that you understand the delivery process you have chosen on the Order Page and have read the following statement displayed directly beneath your order total:

Once you have received your activation code, your purchase is non-refundable. Please visit Our Policies Page and our License Page before checking out!

We provide the activation code automatically shortly after purchase. We must assume you have already evaluated the software to see if it fits your needs. For this purpose, we provide a Products description page; Free Demo Downloads; Pricing; and Comparison Chart;  all of which are referenced throughout the website.

What happens if you purchased a smaller program and then realize you should have purchased a higher level?

If you purchased a lower edition of the program and realized you should have purchased a higheredition, you may contact us within 30 business days for a full credit towards the purchase of the higher level program. If 30 days have passed since you purchased, just place a new order for an UPGRADE price to the higher level program.

What happens if you purchased a higher level program than you needed?

If you purchased a higher edition of the program in error you can always downgrade the next time we issue an update to the software.  We will issue you a lower edition activation code upon request, but since you will already have the higher edition code, we cannot refund the purchase price difference.

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