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No matter how large or small your facility is, keeping health records, finances, and pedigree ancestors straight is a very big job! Regardless of your software package needs, we have the solution for you. Allow us to recommend the following package selections by summarizing their individual features. For a quick reference feature comparison chart Click here.

  • HorseTrak Expense Version 6.0

    HorseTrak Expense allows health, scheduled services (shoeing, shot reminders, etc), breeding records, and up to a 5 generation pedigree for your horses.  HorseTrak Expense allows record keeping for up to 10 horses, and also includes a checking account register for Traking expenses. This checking account allows splitting the checks you write into so much for feed, or hay, or hauling, or whatever, and then lets you print reports totaling all those different categories. You can add or modify the categories as you need. HorseTrak Expense does not have clients, billing, or any of the other fancy features the general horse owner will need. (More Info)

  • HorseTrak Business Plus Version 6.0

    Designed for the small to medium size equine business. Maintain health, scheduled services, clients and horses, pedigree ancestors and other contacts in an organized, unlimited database. Sequential Invoicing, P&L, check Registry and A/R are just the beginning. International dates and multiple currencies, multi-owner billing as well as detailed breeding and the ability to export all to MS Excel for limitless options!  Additionly, pre-designed forms and contracts are just waiting for you to fill in the blanks with your own information. You'll get a Stallion report, breeding, teasing, maintain foal and mare information; lessons, training, shows and competitions and all the accounting features. (More Info)

  • HorseTrak Gold Version 6.0

    Powerful and versatile, this program offers all the power of HT Business Plus, as well as a full blown accounting system to include general ledger, A/P, A/R, P&L, Purchase Orders, Vendor maintenance and expanded reporting capabilities. We�ve streamlined importing/exporting your data from / to Excel or other 3rd party programs. (More Info)

  • HorseTrak Deluxe Version 6.0

    The flagship of the HorseTrak line! HT Deluxe has everything the large organization will need.
    Take all the features and power of HT Gold, add labor tracking, multi-user security, and network readiness! HorseTrak Software comes of age with this world class equine business management solution. (More Info)

  • Pets-on-Trak

    This package is suitable for family pet owners, animal breeders, previous users of HT Pedigree, or anyone else with livestock. We integrated our most popular features from the HorseTrak suite but made it more general so you can keep records of one or several different species in one powerful little program. With health, service, show, breeding, genetics, and pedigree data maintenance and reporting, you can know any of your animal's history and ancestory with the click of a button. The database is unlimited, so no matter how many animals are in your care, we've got ya covered! Previous users of HT Basic or HT Pedigree ... this is all the program you will ever need!

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