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HorseTrak v 6.97 Upgrade Information


Last chance to obtain upgrade pricing from earlier versions to v6.97 is May 31, 2014.
We can still upgrade your data, but you will have to pay full price.


After American Riviera Software acquired HorseTrak we quickly learned that there are over 20 different versions of HorseTrak in use, and everyone wants support.  With that many different versions of HorseTrak, support becomes nearly an impossible feat.  The problem we ran into was the fact that we did not have the source code for the older versions of HorseTrak.

Over the course of years, software, along with business practices and technology, evolves constantly. Nothing is the same as it was even 5 years ago. "But I like what I have", and you should, but software ages faster than dogs.  Since HorseTrak was first released in 1991 there have been more than 12 different versions of the Windows operating system. Each had their benefits, but software written 5 years ago will not run correctly on the latest Windows operating system.  Versions of HorseTrak prior to 6.97 were design to run on WindowsXP, an operating system released in 2002 and discontinued by Microsoft.  So, if you need to replace your older computer, it's very likely you only find Windows7.

While the previous owners of HorseTrak provided minor bug fixes and patches at no charge, development of newer features slowed and only minor changes were made. Once you purchased a version of the software you were stuck there.  Support became a nightmare.

"The Anything Goes Upgrade Program" - Ends January 23rd, 2011

There is no qualifications for this upgrade. Every customer no matter how old their version of HorseTrak qualifies to purchase this upgrade.

Why do I need to get this upgrade?

First, Windows Vista and Windows 7 support.  New computers today only have Windows 7.

Second, although we have been providing support to users since acquisition, we need to consolidate our efforts.  In order to provide support we need you to be using a version for which we can provide the best support.  Having all users running the latest version eliminates having to deal with unknown or already fixed problems.

The direct answer is: 

  • We will support this version and future versions of the software. 

  • We cannot support older versions. 

  • We will assist you in upgrading to v 6.97.

What does this upgrade include?

The latest release of v6.97 software.  Free e-mail support and any further revisions we make to version 6.97.

Why do I need to pay for an upgrade?

Software businesses are just like any other; we can't support and develop our products without revenue.  Many of you have not upgraded since your original purchase. You have taken advantage of bug fixes, but not real upgrades. Software is an evolving product that changes as time goes on. Computers do too.

We believe we have priced the upgrade much more reasonably.

"I Should Get Upgrades For Free"

Yes, we have had customers of the previous owners tell us this.  If you believe this, read this.

What is next?

We are currently finalizing the plans for the next major version of HorseTrak.  Called HorseTrak 2010 we will be incorporating many suggestions you have made via e-mail and through the online survey.

The processing of Upgrading is outlined HERE

The Order Page is HERE

Telephone number: 805-504-1366
Tech support email:
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